Hang out with Junkyard Dan

It’s hard to find books written for adults at a very easy level with interesting plot lines and characters.  Not any more. Find such a set of books right here! The Junkyard Dan series, a set of eight books with accompanying workbooks, will keep you and your student turning the pages. Even better, Taping for the Blind here in Houston has recorded these books and put them on CD for literacy students.  Your student can read a chapter or two, finish some of the puzzles in the workbook for that section, re-read the chapters, and then re-read them again along with the CD. Contact Steve Zach to borrow the CD. And then re-read! Each workbook, under the title Hanging Out With Junkyard Dan, correlates to two of the books. Students who read at a second-grade level or higher should be comfortable with the series.