Happy Anniversary Sesame Street!

We all know what comes with the month of November. Leaves changing color, pumpkin patches, and of course the most obvious, Thanksgiving. Do you want to know something else that comes with November? Sesame Street of course! Sesame Street made their debut on November 10, 1969. This year they will be celebrating 43 years of fun and learning.  If you love Sesame Street as much as I do then you will love browsing our collection of Sesame Street memorabilia. You can request dvd's, books, music, and audio books with some of Sesame Streets most beloved characters and stories. Here are a few to get you started:

ABC and 123 : a Sesame Street Treasury of Words and Numbers

Bert and Ernie's Greatest Hits 

Big Bird says: A Game to Read and Play

Agrupa y Aprende : Encuentra las Figuras Que Van Juntas!

Sesame Street. 40 Years of Sunny Days

Sesame Street Playground 

Play with me Sesame. Let's Play Games 


Also, below is a link for all you Sesame Street lovers. Enjoy!