Happy Birthday Amelia Bedelia!

Amelia Bedelia is 50 years old!

Amelia Bedelia, the wacky housekeeper who takes her instructions too literally, has been on the shelves of the beginning-reader-sections of libraries since 1963. Peggy Parish, who died in 1988, wrote the first books. In 1995 her nephew Herman started writing Amelia Bedelia books--the first was Good Driving Amelia Bedelia. In 2009, Herman Parish's first Amelia Bedelia picture books were published: Amelia Bedelia's First Day of School and Amelia Bedelia's First Valentine, which introduced readers to Amelia Bedelia as a little kid at school.

Now Amelia Bedelia is a bigger kid in the newest Amelia Bedelia books: the chapter series staring with: Amelia Bedelia means business and Amelia Bedelia Unleashed.