Happy Birthday Jeff Smith!

This Saturday is Jeff Smith's birthday! What better time to familiarize yourself with the writer and illustrator of Bone? The series is widely popular and features the Bone cousins and their adventures outside of Boneville. The series is about growing up and leaving home and entails a number of adventures that you will surely enjoy and get a laugh from.

Bone is a recommended family read by Voice of Youth Advocates and is considered one of the ten all-time graphic novels by Time!  Also, check out Scholastic's Bone page for an interactive treat! 

Have you read Bone? If not, why haven't you started the adventure?! 

Out from BonevilleThe Great Cow RaceEyes of the StormThe DragonslayerRock Jaw: Master of the Eastern BorderOld Man's CaveGhost CirclesTreasure HuntersCrown of Horns

Here are the Bone titles by volume number:

  1. Out From Boneville
  2. The Great Cow Race
  3. Eyes of the Storm
  4. The Dragonslayer
  5. Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border
  6. Old Man's Cave
  7. Ghost Circles
  8. Treasure Hunters
  9. Crown of Horns

Smith has also written and drawn Little Mouse Gets Ready, Rasl, Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil.


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