Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah begins at sundown this Friday. I became curious about what videos and DVDs we have here at the library for this holiday. And I did find a few.  Most are for children but all have meaning. Even the Adam Sandler movie.


  • Arthur’s Perfect Christmas – Arthur learns that not everyone in his neighborhood observes Christmas as his friend Francine and her family celebrate the eight days of Hanukkah.
  • Chanuka at Bubbe's -- Colorful puppet characters prepare for the Jewish holiday feast and Bubbe relates the history of Chanuka, the miracle of the burning oil and talks of the importance of religious freedom.
  • Elmo’s World: Happy Holidays -- Elmo is gearing up to celebrate Christmas. But what present will he give Dorothy, his beloved goldfish? As he searches for an answer, he learns about holidays around the world.
  • Eight Crazy Nights -- When a small-town, extremely disgruntled guy, Davey Stone, faces another holiday season in his New England hometown, he does what he always has - he messes up big time and lands in jail. But after a few surprises - including the mysterious reason for Davey's bad attitude and the reappearance of his childhood sweetheart - Davey might just decide he has a reason or two to change his ways.
  • Maccabees, the story of Hanukkah -- Animated story of the Maccabees' clash with the Greek army and of the festival of lights which honors their victory and celebrates the rededication of the temple.

Enjoy the blessings and peace of the holidays.