Happy New Year from Evelyn Meador Library

2018 is here and everyone here at Evelyn Meador Library wishes you and yours a very Happy New Year! 2017 brought with it a storm of programming: 700+ activities for all ages, along with over 500 ESL, GED and Citizenship classes, and 2018 is looking even more action packed. 

Many folks have made New Year’s resolutions and are working hard to achieve them, and the friendly Evelyn Meador staff is here to help with that. Maybe we can get you a book about starting a new hobby, getting things done efficiently, losing weight healthily, or just a title to read for fun. Come on in and peruse the aisles or ask a staff member to help you find the perfect book. We also have programs that can help you with those resolutions, create a new experience, or that can teach you something you have been meaning to learn. Visit us to see how we can inspire you today!

Here is a sample of what's coming up:

1/9/18 4:15pm – 5:00pm
Create your own journal.
Meet Mr. Mark in the iMaker Space as he hosts his first iMaker program as the new iMaker Specialist. We will be learning how to make our own Journals for the New Year.

1/24/18 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Learn how to search for accurate health information and how to find free online resources you can trust.

For more information on what is happening at Evelyn Meador click here. Also it might be a good idea to follow us on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you soon!