Happy Stay Out of the Sun Day!

For those of you reading this post on July 3, have a wonderful Stay Out of the Sun Day! We at the Evelyn Meador Branch Library hope you are celebrating this important national holiday appropriately by staying inside and reading a book, the way that every holiday should be celebrated. If not, make sure that you are wearing lots of sunscreen, and keeping cool while you are outside reading your book. It would be a shame if you got sunburned while you were outside reading, and we would really rather you not get hurt when you are reading your book ever. Physically at least. We can’t help you if you get emotionally hurt.

While we are talking about all the reading you’re doing, this would also be a great time to log those minutes and books into HCPL’s Summer Reading Program. I mean, you are doing the reading anyway, so you might as well log the points and make sure that you get the prizes that we give you, like books, sunglasses, guitars, and everything else. Just log those points, and come into the library to get your prizes when you hit 100, 200, and 300 points. Just make sure you do it, because it would really be a shame to miss out on those prizes.

Since we are talking about Summer Reading prizes, we might as well mention you can also count library activities for points in Summer Reading. It’s true! Every library program you go to can add 5 points to your summer reading, helping you get your prizes faster. So make sure that you check out our online calendar to find out what activities you can go to. Besides, not only do you get points, but extra bonus, our programs are inside, so you can keep celebrating Stay Out of the Sun Day while you are in the library. Win-Win Scenario. So go on. Read your books, get your points, and pick up your prizes. We’ll be waiting. 

Photo Credit: PixaBay.com - CC0 Creative Commons