Harvest time


There are a lot of varieties of apples to choose from when you go to the grocery store. Well, there are also a lot of good books about apples. Here are some of my favorites.

How to make an apple pie and see the world  by Marjorie Priceman. The store is closed, so a girl must travel around the world to gather the ingredients to make a pie - geography, physical science, cooking...all in one cute story.

The apple pie that papa baked by Lauren Thompson - a cumulative story ala "the house that Jack built" but with an apple tree and other stuff having to do with pie. The illustrations kind of remind me of Wanda Gag, author/illustrator of the classics Millions of Cats and The ABC Bunny.

Apple doll by Elisa Kleven. Beautiful collages and mixed media from one of my favorite illustrators - this story really is more about dealing with fear than apples - a little girl takes a friend-a doll she made with an apple head to her first day of school. Later her mother turns it into a dried-apple doll, and when she takes back to school, the class decides to all make one. Includes instructions at the back for making your own dried-apple-head doll.

Applesauce season by Eden Lipson A family buys all different kinds of apples each week when the visit the farmer's market throughout apple season, and so each week the applesauce that they make tastes different according to the which apples they use.

Up up up its apple picking time by Jody Shapiro and Apple farmer Annie by Monica Wellington. In the first of these two stories a whole family picks apples on their farm and sells at a roadside stand; in the second the farmer sells not only apples from her orchard, but cider and muffins made from them when she goes to the market.

Apple pie tree Zoe Hall - We see an apple tree change throughout the seasons and finally produce some apples which get baked into a pie. I like all Zoe's other books, too- good little stories about leaves, pumpkins, and gardening

Apples and pumpkins by Anne Rockwell - an old fashioned story - A family goes to a farm and picks their own apples and pumpkins, carves the pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern and then hands out apples to trick or treaters.