Has It Got Star Power?

Texas Star by mikecoghThe Texas Lone Star Reading List is a big deal in my part of town.  The Lone Star list is a recreational reading list for students in 6th through 8th grades, announced at the end of each year.  Although we won’t know what is officially on the list until November, we can take a look at all the nominated titles so far and make our best guess of what might garner a Star.  What books from the past year do you think have Star Power?

Sneak Peek: Some Lone Star Nominees

one and only ivan bookjacket

every other day bookjacket

steve jobs bookjacket

outlaw bookjacket

bewitching bookjacket





spy school bookjacket

obsidian blade bookjacket

lions of little rock bookjacket

under the mesquite bookjacket

inquisitor's apprentice bookjacket





elephant in the garden bookjacket

false prince bookjacket

liesl & po bookjacket

miles to go for freedom bookjacket

wonder bookjacket





ripper bookjacket

cold cereal bookjacket

the boy on cinnamon street bookjacket

island's end bookjacket

partials bookjacket





Flickr CC: Texas Star Photo by: mikecogh