Hats Off to the Hat Lady

Anyone who is a loyal and longtime patron of the Baldwin Boettcher Library knows Cindy, our Reference Librarian, and beloved "Hat Lady" to be an integral and valuable part of the library.  Her warm smile and her eagerness to help are a wonderful welcome to all who enter, and she is frequently asked for by name.  "Where is the Hat Lady today?" they will ask.  So it is with great pleasure and pride that I am sharing Miss Cindy's recent acknowledgement.  She was featured in the Houston Chronicle under the "Faces in the Crowd" section.  The article talks about her many accomplishments, her educational background, and her extensive help with our ESL program.  Cindy is not just an avid learner, but a conscientious teacher as well.  Her valuable part in the library experience, where obtaining information is crucial, is an essential and foundational part of our creed and work.   So it is with great honor that we say, "Hats off to Cindy the Hat Lady of Baldwin Boettcher; this library is a better place because of you!"