Have Book – Will Travel Through Time! Amazing Read Challenge Week 9

Amazing Read Graphic

Where did you travel for last week’s challenge? Did you stand on the podium in Barcelona with the 1992 U.S. Olympic Men's Basketball Team as they received their gold medals or survive the Hunger Games? After all that athletic excitement, perhaps you’re ready for a leisurely trip through time.

You could relax and travel back in time to appreciate the art on the cave walls in Brian Fagan’s Cro-Magnon, or visit the tense days of 1912 in Barbara Tuchman’s classic The Guns of August. However, if you prefer a more imaginative narrative with more character development you could also visit the Ice Age in Jean Auel's The Land of Painted Caves or the days of The Great War in the novels of Ford Madox Ford.

Or if you really want to be imaginative (and get a few good laughs on the way) you can travel by magic to visit King Arthur and his knights with Mark Twain’s Connecticut Yankee or with Jon Scieszka’s Knights of the Kitchen Table.The Land of Painted Caves

Science fiction regularly rockets reader to the future with tales like Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey and, for younger readers, The Winds of Mars by H. M. Hoover. However, for travel in another dimension, you really should use your time machine. Starting with The Time Machine by H. G. Wells, authors have been speculating what might happen if we could travel back and forth in time. Some of the most fascinating are in The Best Time Travel Stories of the 20th Century. Incidentally, this is also an excellent book if your idea of recreational travel includes a dinosaur hunt as it contains two classic stories, "A Gun for Dinosaur" and "A Sound of Thunder."The Time Machine by H. G. Wells

And for you die hard nonfiction fans who want the truth and nothing but the truth, you can enjoy one of the library’s books on How to Build a Time Machine, one by Brian Clegg and one by Paul Davies, and for younger readers, there’s Time & Space by John and Mary Gribbin.

Happy trails; have a nice time; see you in the future.