Have Book - Will Travel to a Desert Island

It happened so fast, but we're in the final week of summer reading!  We've all heard a form of this question, but this week we're wondering what book you'd take with you to keep you company while you were stuck on a desert island.  Even though I've had time to think about this, I must admit that I'm still not sure what my book will be this week.  ONE book?  Unfathomable!

Will it be the book that holds my all-time re-reading record, Pride and Prejudice?  Little Women or Ramona the Pest?  Return of the King, so that I can experience closure?  Right Ho, Jeeves, because you would need to laugh, stuck on an island?  The World Book Encyclopedia, so maybe I would learn something?  Would it be cheating to say the entire Harry Potter series?  I've got some thinking to do.

I hope your choice is easier and that you've enjoyed the Amazing Read challenges this summer.  Don't forget to share your experiences and log your books by August 17th to be eligible for prize drawings.  Happy reading!


Walden! I've read passages so

Walden! I've read passages so many times. And it's all about enjoying solitude, so it would make me feel better about being alone on a desert island.

Brilliant!  Thanks for

Brilliant!  Thanks for sharing, Krystal.