Have a FOMO? You Probably Should.

FOMO, as I’m sure you all know, is a Fear of Missing Out. It generally refers to the fear that people are going to do something fun without you and afflicts pretty much everyone at some point. If you’ve ever been worried about not being at a game, missing dinner, or have been stressed about what’s happening at home without you, you’ve had FOMO. So, let me tell you right now, if you don’t plan on going to the Evelyn Meador Branch Library this week, you are definitely MO’ing (Missing Out, if that’s not clear).

This week we are going to be having some amazing activities. For the kids, we’ll be having a Dairy Cow visit the library on Tuesday, July 24 to teach about where milk comes from, and on Thursday, July 26 we’ll be making Smore’s with solar ovens. For teens, we’ll be doing our Sherlock Holmes Escape Room Tuesday night (it’s full, but keep your eye out for the next time we do it) and our Healthy Cooking Class on Thursday as well, so make sure you come out for Pigs in a Blanket and Apple Pie! And for you Adults out there, come in on Wednesday to learn about Microsoft Word or Friday to make your own Solar Powered Water Purifier (maybe you adults out there don’t need to feel FOMO quite as much as the kids)!

If those don’t pique your interest, make sure to check out our calendar online. We do have activities and events every day, so I’m sure there will be something that you’ll like. Or, barring that, we do still have books, movies, computers, and games, so you’re sure to be missing out on something if you don’t come. In short, get rid of your FOMO by coming to the library. It’s guaranteed to help.