Have Nook, Will Travel!

So, I was very fortunate to receive a Nook this past Valentine's Day, though I think it must be noted that my husband may have just gotten tired of my "borrowing" his.  Anyways, I have one now and am very much enjoying the ease of carrying around several books in one medium size portable device.

The great thing is that I don't even have to buy any books, I just download them for free from the HCPL Digital Media Catalog.  Now it's true that not every book is available as a download, but there are still plenty to choose from including new releases.

If you've gotten a Nook yourself, I found that "Being Ruth" had the best directions for downloading library books to your computer and then transferring them to your Nook.  She provides step-by-step directions along with pictures (yay!) for reference.  OverDrive is also testing their own "help" turtorial available from the Digital Media Catalog page.