HCPL Friends: Birdies for Charity

As budgets get smaller, the financial support of the Harris County Friends of the Library becomes more important then ever to our libraries.  The Friends help pay for the summer reading programs, staff scholarships, program refreshments and ebooks for the collection.  Over the last five years, they have donated over $15,000 to help fund services at county libraries.  

The primary fundraiser of the Harris County Friends of the Library has been a wonderful program run by the Houston Golf Association called Birdies for Charity.  It is centered on the Shell Houston Open but you don't have to golf at all for a chance to win a car, just be willing to donate to your favorite cause, Harris County Friends of the Library.  One hundred percent of your pledge goes to help libraries.  The HGA takes care of collecting and then distributing the money without taking out a penny.

Here's how it works:

You make a minimum pledge of a penny for every birdie made Wednesday through Sunday by the pros at the Shell Houston Open.  Last year they made 1,786, so you would have paid $17.86.  For every penny per birdie pledged, you get a guess as to how many birdies will be made this year.  If you wish, you can just make a flat donation.  For every $20 pledged, you get a guess.  The minimum donation is $20. If you guess correctly, you have a chance to win a 2012 Toyota Camry! If there is more than one correct guess, the Grand Prize Winner will be determined by a random drawing. If no one guesses correctly, the winner will be the person that comes closest without going over the total.  

For the last five years the birdie counts have been: 1786, 1528, 1722, 1691 and 1651.

If you are interested in participating, contact Peggy Kruckemeyer at reginahenke@gmail.com.  Pledges need to be in by March 23.