HCPL Invites eBook Readers to Participate in a National Survey to Help Libraries Plan for the Future

Angled photo of eReader by Andrew Mason via Flickr Creative CommonsBecause of the rise of the internet and the growing popularity of downloadable content, public libraries are evolving at a pace never before seen. Harris County Public Library has never shied away from new technologies--we see them as opportunities to enhance existing library services and to expand into new service areas. But like all organizations that want to thrive in a changing technological landscape, we must continually reassess our mission and our goals. To help us do that, and ultimately allow us to provide better service to our customers, HCPL invites those of you who check out ebooks to complete a brief survey designed by a nationally-respected research firm. By doing so, you will help us and libraries across the country plan for a future in which we remain vital participants in the lives of our communities.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has funded the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project to conduct this and other surveys in order to provide analysis on subjects crucial to the future of public libraries, including:
• Customer reading and e-reading habits
• The changing world of public library services
• The choices public libraries must make
• Public library use: who does and does not use them.

This survey is aimed at patrons who use ebooks. It will take approximately fifteen minutes to complete. The Deadline to complete the survey is May 18, 2012.

To participate in the survey, visit: http://libraries.pewinternet.org/participate/survey/e-book-borrowers

To find out more about the survey and the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project, visit: http://libraries.pewinternet.org/2012/04/16/do-you-borrow-e-books-from-your-local-public-library/

Photo Credit: iRiver Story eBook Reader Review by Andrew Mason (via Flickr Creative Commons)