HCPL's New App for Apple and Android Puts More Library Services in your Pocket

HCPL-Mobile IconSay you’re stranded on a desert island (that just so happens to have a Wi-Fi hotspot) when you suddenly remember that the library books on your nightstand at home are due. Harris County Public Library has an app for that. Say you run into Oprah at a convenience store at 3:00 a.m., she gives you the skinny on her next Book Club selection, and you just have to get your hands on it before everyone else. HCPL has an app for that. Or say your family and friends are threatening you with an intervention because you’re going bankrupt feeding your eBook addiction. HCPL has an app for that too.

HCPL Mobile, Harris County Public Library’s new app, free at iTunes and Android Market, puts the library services that you want most right at your fingertips:

  • Search the library catalog
  • Place requests for the latest bestselling books and DVDs
  • Renew items
  • Pay library fines
  • Find the nearest HCPL location and get GPS-assisted directions.
  • Use the Ask a Librarian service via  phone, email or text message.
  • Keep up-to-date on library news via quick links to HCPL’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest feeds
  • Access the Events Calendar so they will never miss a program.
  • Choose from thousands of eBooks and eAudiobooks from HCPL’s Digital Media Catalog and download them directly to their smartphone or tablet.

Those of you whBookmyne icono are happy with HCPL’s earlier app Bookmyne, available on iTunes and Google Play, are free to keep using it. It’s not going anywhere. But those of you with Android devices, and those with Apple devices who want a wider range of features, including online fee payments, really should try the new HCPL mobile app, available now on iTunes and Google Play.

If you want to take a leisurely stroll among the shelves, relax with a magazine and enjoy some air conditioning, or just want to see the friendly faces behind the circulation desk, you will still have to come down to your local branch, but for just about every other library service--you guessed it, Harris County Public Library has an app for that.

Available for FREE from iTunes or Google Play.


Is there any way to see your

Is there any way to see your digital account on this app? I downloaded it yesterday, but I can't see my digital items. Is there a 'library' I should search for?

You should update the icon to

You should update the icon to the actual one used in Apple store for HCPL Mobile. It would make it easier to recognize.

We're sorry for any confusion

We're sorry for any confusion this might have caused. The HCPL logo is now the new app's icon. Thanks!