Help Me Find This Book

Sometimes I get a reference question I just can't figure out. One of those questions resurfaced this week when a customer asked me, "Did you ever figure out the title of that book I asked you and your librarian friends about months ago?"

Uh, no.

The customer is looking for a book he read 20 or so years ago that may or may not have been a school assignment. The book is about a librarian in an American frontier town who tries to bring culture to the townsfolk. They make progress, but then revert to their heathen ways. So I searched our on-line catalog again, to no avail. What I did find, however, were a disturbing number of murder mysteries involving librarians. Too much shushing over the years? Too little shushing lately? Who knows?

Anyway, the point is ... I need help! Has anyone read this book before? If so, please send me the title.

Thanks bunches.