Helping Kids Get Hooked on Reading

Adults and children alike, typically have preferences to the type of books that they enjoy. If your child is not yet hooked on reading it may because they have not found books that interest them.  
Remember, it is not necessary for children to read novels in order for them to become a good reader. It is far more important to find items they like; then, encourage reading them on a regular basis. This will not only increase their reading abilities, but it will also help build the foundation needed to become a lifelong reader. 
When families visit the library it can be overwhelming to find an item that fits the needs of each individual child, and that task becomes more difficult when the child is a reluctant reader.  Understandablythere are many things to take into consideration; such as, vocabulary, size and style of font, and reading ability. Luckily, there are library staff members who would love to assist you in finding the right book. All you need to do is ask.
Here are a few non-fiction books that many boys and girls will love. 

Photograph provided by sardinista's photostream  on Flickr.


Great post, Christine!  And

Great post, Christine!  And great list of some absolutely fabulous nonfiction reads!