The Hideout - Teens only!

Hey, teens, in case you haven't heard, we've carved out a space just for you in the new library building.  It's called "The Hideout," and that's just what it's meant to be!  We've got everything from your favorite authors to your favorite series titles, not to mention graphic novels, study areas, teen computer stations, and even a room for videogaming!  Ms. Sunni has lined up a bunch of programs and activities for you also on weekday afternoons, including the Know-It-Alls book club for LoneStar books on the first and third Mondays of the month, The Lady and Her Green Knights Chess Club every Tuesday, and a free-style Lego building activity on Thursdays.  So, get up here as soon as you can!  There's way too much fun to be had up here!

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Awesome Jim! If I wasn't in

Awesome Jim! If I wasn't in charge of YA, I would want to be in there! Thankfully, I get to spend each afternoon up there, catering to the needs of my teens. So you heard him, ya'll!! Come on up to the Hideout! If you got any suggestions for games, programs books or whatever, come and talk to me! I'm looking forward to making the Hideout YOUR space!! :)