From History to Hobby - Miniature Wargaming



Miniature wargaming is a hobby that appeals to a diverse group of people. 
Some like the historical aspect of recreating a famous battle scene using miniature figures and tabletop landscapes.  Armchair strategists find much satisfaction in this. Others enjoy the challenge and fun of painting historically accurate uniforms and weapons.  Another attractive aspect of this type of gaming is that it offers greater freedom of play than traditional board games and computer games. Along with this, some simply prefer the tactile pleasure of moving toy soldiers, weapons and equipment around on a custom made table sized game board.
Miniature wargaming as a hobby covers every conceivable time period, with figures being available online from a huge variety of vendors.  Ancient warfare, modern conflicts, even science fiction and fantasy (perhaps not technically historical); all have their enthusiasts.
Brian Weathersby, a member of the Beer & Pretzel Wargaming Society of Houston recently shared some of his miniature collections with us.  Brian has been active in historical miniature wargaming since the 1980’s. He collects Napoleonic, American Civil war, World War II, Vietnam and more.  To say he is enthusiastic about his chosen hobby would be an understatement.
These pictures do not do justice to work that goes into painting these tiny figures.  You have to see them to appreciate the dedication to historical accuracy. If you think this hobby might appeal to you, come by and take a look for yourself!