All Harris County Public Library branches will close at 5:00 PM on Thursday, April 18 and will be closed Friday, April 19 through Sunday, April 21.



The Harris County Public

The Harris County Public Libraries closed early on Thursday (4/18), and, was closed all day on Friday (4/19) and Saturday (4/20) in observation of the Christian holiday Easter. Please explain why closing these public/government entities (i.e., the public libraries) and observing this religious holiday is not a violation of the Establishment Clause under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Thank you.

As you know, there are many

As you know, there are many different interpretations of the Establishment Clause, but it is widely held that "while the Establishment Clause does prohibit Congress from preferring or elevating one religion over another, it does not prohibit the government's entry into the religious domain to make accommodations for religious observances and practices in order to achieve the purposes of the Free Exercise Clause." (See complete article here).

Thank you.