Homework Resources

Moms and Dads! When school started today I found myself thinking about homework. How can we help you help your children and youths do their homework effectively?

Your kids are going to want to use online resources and their teachers are going to be very uncomfortable with the unreliable quality of information that comes off the web. Stay posted to this blog because over the weeks ahead I'm going to give you some good alternatives.

Databases. What's a database? In our case, a database is an authoritative online collection of books or articles from journals, newspapers, and magazines, or  maps and images that you can search, read on your computer, and use. By using your library card number as your username, you can access and use them for free and trust them to deliver good information at your child's grade level.

I invite you to click on the Databases tab on our homepage and go in and explore. (See the image above left for directions.)The Databases subjects include a "Homework" area, which includes a number of databases especially created for various age levels of students. There are also a number of good adult-level databases for you.

 A note about this: because of budget cuts across the school system, many school districts have had to drop their library database subscriptions this year. That means that HCPL databases may be your children's best and only source.