Hoopla! Streaming Music & Video!

hoopla @ hcpl graphicWhat’s in a name? Sometimes, not much, but when it comes to Hoopla, the new digital media service we launched in December, we think the product lives up to its moniker. This great addition to our roster of digital services offers streaming movies, TV shows, music and audiobooks, but what is most exciting is that every single one of the hundreds of thousands of  items in Hoopla is always available. That’s right: with Hoopla, there is no waiting in line for that Hollywood blockbuster you're dying to see or the new release from your favorite recording artist. No waiting for a copy to become available—ever

And Hoopla gives you plenty of options for accessing all those titles:

  • Use one of HCPL’s laptops, tablets or PCs to watch a movie or listen to your favorite music while you study.
  • Download the free app to your Apple or Android device and stream anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Download any item to your device and access it later even when you don’t have internet.

Best of all, the only thing you need is an HCPL library card and enough time to watch and listen to your choices. Starting December 15, you can check out up to eight items per library card from Hoopla each month and, of course, it’s available 24/7.

Note: Adult library cards are needed to check out movies and TV shows.
Kids' cards can only be used to check out music and eAudiobooks.

Loan Periods for Hoopla
Movies and TV shows: 3 days
Music: 7 days
Audiobooks: 21 days.

Note to Kindle Fire Users: As of now, there is only an app Fire HDX  There are no apps for older Kindle Fires. This issue is on Hoopla's end and they are working toward a solution, but have given us no timeline for when apps will be available for other versions of Kindle Fire.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you informed as things progress.



I borrowed 2 movies on Aug

I borrowed 2 movies on Aug 30th and have already returned them. Just a few minutes ago, around 6:45pm, I tried to borrow another title, unsuccessfully. I tried different categories after that just to see what would happen. My Hoopla account indicates that I cannot borrow anything else this month, which makes no sense since it's now September, a new month. In addition, everytime I click the "borrow" button, a drop-down message states "your library is not enabled, contact your branch". Does this have something to do with the Kingwood Library being closed? If so, is there any way that this can be by-passed so I can borrow again?

As a Hoopla user, you should

As a Hoopla user, you should have received an email notifying you that HCPL would be discontinuing the service as of Aug. 31. Below is the text of the email: 

Dear Harris County Public Library hoopla customers,

Due to the challenges of providing 24/7 checkout access to hoopla, the service will be discontinued on August 31, 2017 at 11:59pm.  Items that you have already checked out will become unavailable at that time.  This was a very difficult decision and we apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.  We will continue to explore alternatives to bring you the best public library digital content.

Harris County Public Library offers a large catalog of quality digital content via Overdrive for ebooks, eaudiobooks, and comics, and OneClick Digital for eaudiobooks.  We have purchased new audiobooks in Overdrive that are always available for checkout to help meet your immediate needs.  The new Overdrive app, Libby, provides a more user-friendly library streaming experience, similar to what you may be used to with the hoopla app.

At Harris County Public Library, we strive to provide the best, most cost-effective materials and services to Harris County. We hope you will continue to look to us for your information and entertainment needs.

Please contact us with questions, concerns or suggestions by filling out our comment card.

Thank you,
Harris County Public Library

I have tried borrowing books

I have tried borrowing books on Hoopla even after the time reset (3-5 hours after) and I keep getting the same error. Do we have to borrow immediately after it resets? I've never had to be this meticulous before.

I'm afraid so. Hoopla has

I'm afraid so. Hoopla has become so popular that our daily budget is reached very quickly. It varies day-to-day, but within 2 - 3 hours is not unusual. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the reply David. I

Thanks for the reply David. I really appreciate it.

I keep getting library limit

I keep getting library limit reached. Try again later. I haven't been able to borrow anything. When does the limit reset so I can get some audiobooks. I'm trying at 9 and 10th without resultss.

We're sorry you're having

We're sorry you're having trouble checking out items from Hoopla. The daily budget resets each evening at 6pm CST. Good luck!

Hoopla is welcome. Freegal is

Hoopla is welcome. Freegal is better (HPL has both). The catalogue on Hoopla is familiar and shallow. Freegal has more surprises. Also Freegal gives you limited downloads. Freegal is also responsive to library account number so multiple card holders with the same email (of course getting another Gmail account is not really a problem, but a memory annoyance)each have their own limits. The play limits are much more generous with Freegal and don't involve the clumsy Hoopla "check-out" wit its limits. I hope HCPL will consider, like HPL, adding Freegal.

Thanks for the feedback,

Thanks for the feedback, Phillip! 

My wife and I each have a

My wife and I each have a library card but use the same email address. Will we be able to check out 16 or 8 movies a month?

This is a very good question.

This is a very good question. The answer is a little complicated:

Circulation in Hoopla is currently tied to both the library card and the email address on the account.  So if you have more than one library card on a Hoopla account with the same email, or if you have two accounts with the same email, you will be able to borrow 8 items total per month. Since check outs are associated to the email address, every time you borrow an item while logged in with that email address, it will remove a checkout from each card listed on the account.  This is also true if you place a Houston Public Library and Harris County Public Library card on the same Hoopla account.  Both cards will have a check out removed because of how circulation is tied to the email address. 

At this time it is best to use different email addresses when using multiple cards on Hoopla.  Hoopla is currently looking into a way to fix this but unfortunately we do not have a timeframe when any change will happen.

Thank you for your question, and the opportunity to clarify the current situation.

Are there any plans on making

Are there any plans on making hoopla available for the Nook?

Hoopla has not informed us of

Hoopla has not informed us of any plans for a Nook app at this time. Thanks for the question!

Will it work on Windows

Will it work on Windows Phone? Hi David. I would love to be able to use Hoopla streaming on my Windows Phone 8.1. Are there plans to support this phone in the future, or will we always be limited to Apple or Android devices?

Firstly, my apologies for the

Firstly, my apologies for the delay. We had to check with Hoopla to make sure we're giving you correct information. At this time, Hoopla is researching the possibility of a Windows app, but have not made a decision as when or if they will have one available. 

I don't find hcpl listed as

I don't find hcpl listed as one of the libraries on their map. Are there problems in the launch?

You are the first to report

You are the first to report this. Did you register at www.hoopladigital.com?

I can't find the Hoopla App

I can't find the Hoopla App on the Amazon store, how will us Kindle users access this new feature?

I found it on the regular

I found it on the regular Amazon website, but not in the App Store. It is possible this is due to it not being an Amazon App, but an outside Android App. People can also find it by clicking on the link on the Hoopla web page.

Very good question. We are

Very good question. We are working on a solution right now. If you can send your name and contact info to dcherry@hcpl.net, we'll will call as soon as we have a solution.

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Is this replacing Overdrive?

Is this replacing Overdrive?

Good question! The short

Good question! The short answer is no. It is not replacing OverDrive; Hoopla is a new addition to our existing lineup of digital media services which includes OverDrive, OneClickDigital, eSelect, Safari Online, EBSCO eBooks, and Tumble Books. Thanks for the question!

How do you access these

How do you access these movies? Go into the catalogue? If so, how can you filter to see what's available?

First the really exciting

First the really exciting stuff: there is no need to filter because with Hoopla, ALL CONTENT IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE! 

When we launch Hoopla on December 15, you will go through a brief sign up process to verify your library card at www.hoopladigital.com. Then you will either log in on your PC or download the free Hoopla app to your device, both of which will let you browse, borrow and enjoy all of the Hoopla content. You can also watch and listen on the devices at any HCPL branch.

Thank you for your question. It sounds like you're as excited as we are!