Horror Goodie Bag

Today I've decided to shower you with a goodie bag of horrific books! First up, Monsters in the Movies by John Landis. Monsters in the Movies showcases various monsters, villains, beasts and ghosts that have played major roles in movies throughout the years. John Landis provides descriptions, quotes, pictures and numerous movies as reference. Monsters in the Movies does not hold back on anyone either. Amongst the monsters are killer dolls, mad scientists, demonic possessions, zombies, and even scary old women and children. Reading Monsters in the Movies was incredibly entertaining and set me on a horror movie marathon.

Up next is The Horror, The Horror by Jim Trombetta. The Horror, The Horror presents horror related comics that were banned in the 1950s by Congress. Jim Trombetta gives us the complete comics as well as commentary and a detailed history behind the comics and their creators. The comics are wonderfully written and some are almost comical at times. I really enjoyed this discovery!

My third and final pick is Horror Cinema by Jonathan Penner. Horror Cinema is another book that highlights all things horror related in films. There are lots of pictures and screen shots from horror films old and new. Horror Cinema is organized and categorized according to monster such as vampires, living dead, montrous-feminine and even slashers/serial killers. I could go through this book for hours and hours on end it was so enjoyable!

I highly recommend Horror Cinema, Monsters in the Movies and The Horror, The Horror to you all. All three titles are amazing in content and just great fun to browse!