The Horror! The Horror!: Reads for Teens

Halloween pumpkin by missteeeWhat is the appeal of the frightening?  For many of us, we can consider ourselves lucky that we rarely (if ever) encounter a truly terrifying experience.  Many of us go to school, go to work, go hang out with our friends; the most frightening thing we might encounter on a typical day is the school’s mystery meatloaf.  But there is something undeniably exciting about a book that makes us want to turn all the lights on and double-check that all the doors are locked, or a movie that has us covering our eyes as the music crescendos in a feverish pitch.  We can hear the blood pumping in our ears, but still feel secure that the book or movie is only a story.  When we leave the theater, no zombies are going to attack us as we go to our cars.  Once the book is finished, no half-crazed, un-swoon-worthy vampires will chase after us.  With Halloween and crisp weather fast approaching, what horrific reads will you pick up?

Mer’s Horror Picks:

bad girls don't die bookjacketfirst kill bookjacketabraham lincoln: vampire hunter bookjacketpicture the dead bookjacketvampire rising bookjacket






turn of the screw bookjacketnight road bookjacketreformed vampire support group bookjacketdevilish bookjacketcarrie bookjacket






once a witch bookjackethold me closer, necromancer bookjacketcryer's cross bookjacketsavannah grey bookjacketmidnight palace bookjacket






white crow bookjacketmarbury lens bookjacketkiller pizza bookjacketi am not a serial killer bookjacketreplacement bookjacket





Flickr CC: Halloween pumpkin Photo by: missteee