Horror Online (Plus One Scary Book)

The library has a lot of great horror novels, but books are not the only place you can find a great horror story! I was poking around through my bookmarks last night when I came across a few online horror sites I hadn't looked at in a while. The first one I came across was The Dionaea House. This is a piece of online fiction that incorporates several blogs to tell a frightening story of a house that has the ability to appear in multiple cities, change its interior, and make its inhabitants disappear. I made the mistake of reading this late at night some years ago--you were warned.

Another source for online horror that I discovered is Ichor Falls. Multiple authors contribute to this blog of stories about a fictional West Virginia town called Ichor Falls. Some of the stories remind me a bit of the Silent Hill game/movie series. You can even try your hand at submitting an Ichor Falls story--click the "submit a story" link to get the email address where you can send your story. Another word of advice--don't read the story about Candle Cove after dusk. You won't sleep. The blog isn't updated very often but there are some great stories in the archives.

Ted the Caver is an oldie but goodie if you can handle a cliffhanger. The story is told through a caver's journal describing he and his friends exploration of "Mystery Cave." The text is a little tough to read as the author uses blue or gray text on a black background, but if you can get past that it is a creepy story that will have you clenching your teeth.

Those are a few of my favorite online horror stories. What are yours?

A brief note: Still prefer to hold a novel in your hands? The Dionaea House is similar to a terrifying novel called House of Leaves, by Mark Z. Danielewski. A story within a story, House of Leaves is about a tattoo parlor employee who discovers a strange manuscript describing a journalist's experience living in a house that is larger on the inside than it is on the outside. House of Leaves is a work of experimental fiction--much of the story is told in footnotes and with unusal typesettings and formatting. Want to know why the world 'house' is blue? Read the book!