Horror Rocks!

Have you participated in our summer reading genre challenge yet?  This week we are focusing on Horror.

Why read horror? These tales feature nightmares come to life, complete with the monsters -- human, inhuman, and psychological -- that inhabit readers' worst fears. As in nightmares, surprise is a key element. Some horror tales begin in a fairly normal world, suddenly and disastrously invaded by monsters, and lead to a horrific climax The key to horror is that although the evil may be beaten down, it is never destroyed completely.  It lurks just beneath the surface, waiting to emerge again. 

Are you ready to read a horror novel?  Try one of these authors: H G Wells, Edgar Allan Poe, Guillermo del Toro, Mira Grant, Peter Straub, Jack Katchum, Ramsey Campbell, Alexandra Sokoloff, or John Connolly.

And don't forget, if you read 5 different genres, you recieve an entry for our grand prize basket which includes 4 tickets to the Alamo Drafthouse, a $25 gift certificate to Katy Budget Books, and a Kindle Fire HD.