A House Divided

captain americaEvery movie fan has that person. That one friend whose movie tastes align almost perfectly with their own, who is willing to re-watch old favorites, make fun of bad movies, and discuss each minute detail of a new movie. I am lucky enough to have two such people, one of whom is my younger brother.

Despite our almost ten year age difference, my brother and I have shockingly similar movie tastes. There have been many family gatherings were the two of us have staunchly defended a movie that everyone else disparaged. But the one movie debate we have on a regular basis, the one thing we can’t agree on, is the age old superhero battle: Marvel vs DC. I am, and will forever be, a DC girl. Superman has long held a special place in my heart as my favorite superhero. I love Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy so much, that I saw the The Dark Knight four times in theaters – on IMAX, no less. My brother, on the other hand, loves Marvel wholeheartedly. In fact, Captain America is his favorite of all the superheroes. And even though I appreciate Iron Man and the X-Men, and he enjoys Christian Bale’s Batman, we will always remain divided in our affections.

This year fans of Marvel’s superheroes have three new movies to look forward to. Yesterday the much anticipated sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier opened in theaters with big box office numbers. Next month, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters, with Guardians of the Galaxy following later this summer. As my brother would point out, it’s a good year to be a Marvel fan!

Where do you fall in the battle of the superheroes?

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Flickr CC: Captain America Heroic Photo by: Cihan Unalan