Houston's Got Talent

As I looked over the list of Emmy nominees this year, I saw that Jim Parsons – last year’s winner for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (The Big Bang Theory) – is nominated again. I admit that he’s my choice to win. Not only is he fantastic in the role of Sheldon Cooper, Parsons is a sentimental favorite because he’s from the Houston area and got his start in acting here.

I started wondering about the breadth of talent from Houston, Katy, Spring, and other surrounding cities and towns. It’s quite remarkable. Houston has given Hollywood an array of filmmakers, both in front of and behind the camera. Award nominees and winners abound, and we’re fortunate to have examples of their work here in the library. Click on a name and explore. I’m sure you’ll find a great film or television series to suit your mood.


  • Wes Anderson                                                                   Jim Parsons
  • Skye McCole Bartusiak                                                    Dennis Quaid
  • Beyonce                                                                               Randy Quaid
  • Alexis Bledel                                                                       Kenny Rogers
  • Brett Cullen                                                                         Thomas Schlamme 
  • Loretta Devine                                                                    Jaclyn Smith
  • Haylie Duff                                                                           Brent Spiner 
  • Hilary Duff                                                                            Patrick Swayze
  • Shelley Duvall                                                                      Isaiah Washington
  • Robert Foxworth                                                                JoBeth Williams
  • Jennifer Garner                                                                  Chandra Wilson
  • Richard Linklater                                                                Robert Wuhl 
  • Annette O’Toole                                                                  Renee Zellweger




Be sure to watch the Emmy Awards show this Sunday, September 18, to see if Jim Parsons makes it two in a row!   


Wow! This is fascinating!

Wow! This is fascinating!

Thanks for commenting! As I

Thanks for commenting! As I was putting together this list, I already knew about several of the actors and actresses. But some, such as Jennifer Garner, came as a surprise. It's just fun to know that these folks came from the Houston area.

Don't forget Sean Patrick

Don't forget Sean Patrick Flanery ! Young Indiana Jones graduated from a high school in Sugar Land.

You're absolutely right! 

You're absolutely right!  I meant to include Sean Patrick Flannery and then somehow overlooked him.  Thank you for reminding us about another talented actor who grew up in the Houston area.