How do I install OverDrive Media Console?

In order to listen to the eAudio books, first you will need to download the Overdrive Media Console, which can be downloaded from here:

On this page, click “download” now.

If a message pops up asking you if you want to open the file or save, click on "Open".

After the program downloads, click “run” if the option is asked.

After the program installs, there should be an icon on your desktop that looks like a green triangle with four white bubbles around it. This is the desktop shortcut for the Overdrive Media Console. If it is not there, click on "start" and find the program in the programs folder to open it.

After the Overdrive Media Console program opens, locate the button called "Tools" at the top of the program window.

In the drop down menu, select "Windows Media Player Security Upgrade". A window will pop up saying that you need to upgrade security settings for Windows Media Player. Click "Ok" to continue with the upgrade.

After the upgrade installs, Windows Media Player may open. If it does, you can close it.

When finished, attempt to download a title if you have one already checkout.

You can access our digital catalog from here:

If you click on "My Digital Account", you will have access to all your checked out titles and hold titles (it may ask you to login with your library card first).

Clicking on "My eBookshelf" will bring up the titles you have checked out. Clicking on "Holds" lists the titles you have on hold.

If you have a title checked out, it should list that title in your "eBookshelf" with a grey button that says "Download" next to it.

The way it should work is that, when you click download, it may ask you if you want to create a folder for the title. Click “yes” to continue.

Another window will open that lists a number of parts. These parts would represent a CD if it was a physical audiobook. Example: If it has 5 parts, it would have 5 CD's. Download all the parts to listen to the entire title.

Once you have selected all the parts to download that you want, the Overdrive Media Console will open and the title will start to download.

On the bottom right of the Overdrive Media Console window, a green or blue bar will show the progress of the download. Each part will download separately.

To play a title, simply double-click on the title in the Overdrive Media Console window and it should start to play.