How does Your Garden Grow?


Gardening is a great activity for children.  Not only is it fun, but it can also be educational when children create a garden journal.   So, go have fun and get those hands dirty!

Planting the Seed: a Guide to Gardening  Suzanne Winckler.

In this informative how-to-guide, readers will learn the secrets behind gardening, and discover firsthand what goes into designing, planting, caring for, and harvesting an organic garden. With a little time, knowledge, and hard work, readers can watch their gardens, and the fun they have working in them, bloom and grow.


How Does My Garden Grow? (DK Publishing)

"How Does My Garden Grow?" uses gardening activities, scientific experiments, art projects, cooking, and even magic tricks to help kids learn about the structure and life cycles of plants.

Organic Gardening for Kids  Elizabeth Scholl.

People all around the world enjoy the hobby of gardening. They love planting tiny seeds in the soil and watching them sprout into mature plants. Gardening isn't just for adults, however. Kids can plan, create, and maintain their own gardens, too. Gardening for Kids is rich with ideas and instructions for making water gardens, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, perennial gardens, butterfly gardens, landscape designs, and more.

 A Backyard Vegetable Garden for Kids Amie Jane Leavitt.

In this step-by-step guide, you'll find out how to plan, design, grow, and harvest your own vegetable garden. You'll find that gardening is even more fun when you can eat what you have planted! You'll learn which are the perfect plants to grow in your area, what tools you'll need, and how to prepare a garden plot. You'll also discover techniques to help your vegetables grow their best, such as which plants grow well together and which ones don't. Do you have limited space? No problem. You can always grow a garden in creative containers. And while you're tending your vegetable garden plot, you can follow the easy directions for making a hummingbird bath to bring even more life to your backyard.

Different Kinds of Soil  Molly Aloian

Children will enjoy finding out about different types of soils from different climates, what animals and plants live in these different soils, and just how valuable soil is to human life.

Garbage Helps Our Garden Grow: a Compost Story Linda Glaser 

What can you do to help the environment? Make less garbage. How can you do that? Compost! Composting is an easy way to turn food scraps and yard waste into rich, useful soil. Follow one family through the year as they tend to the compost bin in their backyard and use the newly created soil in their garden.

  Sprouting Seed Science Projects Ann Benbow

What is in a seed? Can plants grow without seeds? Easy-to-do science experiments paired with scientific explanations make this book a perfect resource for budding scientists. Ideas for further exploration and science fair projects follow every experiment.

Unearthing Garden Mysteries: Experiments for Kids.  Ellen Talmage

Includes more than 20 classroom-tested projects, kids can delve into the scientific processes and personalities of garden life. The author also offers a glossary of scientific terms, suggestions for journal observations, and recommendations for further reading.


My First Garden

Created for juveniles by the University of Illinois Extension, this Web site assists kids in the beginning stages of gardening and invites them to try cultivating and growing their own flowers and vegetables. There are several categories to select from and a special photo gallery of gardens.

Science of Gardening

Gardening is both a science and an art. This Web site invites viewers to come and see how the plants we tend feed our bodies, our minds, and our senses. Explore the deadly world of carnivorous plants, discover some unique stories about the most common fruits and vegetables, or get the fact and fiction behind some bizarre gardening remedies.

Junior Master Gardener

Now you can use your gardening skills to help others through service. Join Junior Master Gardener and learn how to be part of the grassroots effort in your community. You can explore the efforts of kids like you who have been recognized for growing produce for donation to food banks, helping to create beautification projects, and generating funds for local charities.

National Gardening Association Classroon projects for kids.

Garden Stories for Children

Stories about flowers for young children.