How many languages does Maud S Marks speak?


Let's see... Our collection is as diversified as our community... well, almost as diversified. Maud S Marks speaks at least 5 different languages. Customers are able to find materials in Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese right in the library. The materials range from movies to music, from pleasure reading to serious research, from children books to magazines. If you are interested in learning another language, Maud Marks and other HCPL branches carry books, CD's and even dvd's teach languages of the world, to name a few: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese... from beginning to advanced levels.  How about brushing up your language skill before you travel overseas or just to be able to converse better with your grandparents - my grown up children have used this tool - , check out "Mango" in our databases. It will give you a chance to interact and track  your progress. Come join us at