How to Party

Learning How to Fold "A Thousand Paper Cranes"    Learning How to Fold "A Thousand Paper Cranes"

At the Maud Marks Library, we know how to party right.  This was evidenced on Monday night at our annual ESL party.  ESL students and their tutors gathered for a night of food and fun.  Everyone brought a dish from their native country.  One of the students showed of her paintings she did on rice paper.  One of the tutors spoke about how much fun her class has had over the years.  Still another student taught the group how to make an origami crane.

Everyone had a great time.  Would you like to join us for the fun next year?  Become an ESL tutor.  We will be offering an ESL tutor training in two weeks, Saturday, March 6, 9 AM- 3 PM.  You don't have to speak a second language and the only requirement is a desire to commit to teaching for 1 year.  Click here to register for the tutor training and next year, you could be partying with us too!