The Huckleberry Murders

This is the fourth book in the "Sheriff Bo Tully Mystery" series by Patrick F. McManus.  Set in Blight County,  Idaho this humorous, moderately paced book takes us into the personal and official life of Sheriff Bo Tully.    The Sheriff thinks a local retiree Orville Poulson has been murdered by his ranch hand who has a criminal record.  When Sheriff Tully takes an afternoon off to hunt huckleberries so his mother can make him a pie he finds the  bodies of three men who look like farm laborers  in the National Forest and what looks like a trail of blood.  This brings in a beautiful female FBI agent who is currently out of favor with her superiors.   As they try to connect up the missing local with the murder of the three unknown men two more people are killed and one woman assaulted. He brings in Pap, his ex-sheriff father, an expert tracker friend named Dave and a mountain man to help him solve these crimes.