A Hugh Glass Redux


When I found the book The Revenant: a novel of revenge by Michael Punke our new books cart and read the blurb on the inside cover, I thought it sounded familiar. When I saw the banner “Soon to be a major motion picture” above the title, I knew I was familiar with the story even though I had not read the book yet.
This is a fictional account of the very real incident of mountain man Hugh Glass being mauled by a grizzly bear in 1823, while scouting for game on the  Grand River in what is now South Dakota and left for dead by his companions. Glass survived the mauling, however, and painfully and slowly traversed hundreds of miles to the safety of Fort Kiowa, there to recover from his injuries and set out in pursuit of the men who abandoned him.
The reason this all sounded familiar is because Richard Harris starred in a filmed version of the story in 1971 titled “Man in the Wilderness”. A pretty good film as I recall. Although there are numerous books about Hugh Glass, there have been few attempts to bring the story to the big screen.
So, I’m looking forward to reading this new story by Michael Punke and I am very hopeful that the upcoming movie starring Leonard DiCaprio will be worth the wait.
The definition of revenant, by the way, is one who has returned after a lengthy absence, especially from the dead. Sounds like an appropriate title to me.
Come by and check it out at Harris County Public Library!