Hungers Games: The Movie

By now most people know that The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is going to be made into a movie set to come out on March 23rd, 2012.  Fans of the series have been going crazy because there STILL IS NO CAST!!! (or maybe it's just me that's going crazy)

Anyways, I thought that I would put together my fantasy cast.  So here's who I picked (and why): 

Katniss Everdeen= Hailee Steinfeld

Justification: I know that she is young to play Katniss (she's only 14 and Katniss is 16) but I saw True Grit and she was amazing in the part.  I really think she would be a fantastic Katniss and actually she is pretty tall and mature looking for her age.  I think she would do the "hunting" scenes quite well.  Also, I am not the only one to suggest this.  I have read that she is in talks with the director even if nothing is set quite yet.

Peeta Mellark = Ed Speleers

Justification:  Alright, he may not have been that great in Eragon, but honestly if John Malcovich and Jeremy Irons couldn't make that movie good, who could?  He has the right look for Peeta.  Blonde boy next door who is very strong from working in his father's bakery and conceivably could have been a wrestler.  His real age makes pairing him with Hailee Steinfeld a little skeezy but, oh well it's Hollywood and 16 year olds are usually played by people in their early 20's (example: most of the cast of Glee).

Gale Hawthorne = Logan Lerman

Justification: The only thing wrong with this casting is that he looks younger then the guy who I picked for Peeta, but this pick is a couple years old.  Also, make-up can do wonderful things.  This pick actually was suggested by Alejandro Pinon from Bear Creek, so props go to him.  My initial pick was Cory Monteith from Glee, but he is just not graceful enough for the part. 







Haymitch Abernathy = Nathan Fillion

Justification:  Alright, this pick is a little crazy, but remember Haymitch just comes off as being old in the books, but really is the same age as Katniss' mother.  I think the picture to the left shows that he can be ruffed up a little more and do the look of the character justice.  I think of the actor's Firefly and Serenity days and know he can do the dead serious parts of Haymitch justice, and his joking, witty side will do well with the disgustingly drunk Haymitch. 




Primrose Everdeen = Joey King

Justification: Okay, whoever plays Prim isn't that important in this film, but to me Joey King looks the innocent part and did a good enough job in Ramona and Beezus to justify the casting.  She is the right age to play Prim too. 






Mrs. Everdeen = Diane Lane

Justification:  This is a fantasy cast after all and if I want a spectacular actress to play Katniss' mother then, well, this is a dream!  It think she looks the part and she would kill in the emotional scene where she says goodbye to Katniss.  Also the flashbacks where she fell into the depression would be awesome!


President Snow = Julian Sands

Justification: Julian who? This is probably what is going through your head.  He is a British actor who is plays a really good villain.  He is who I have always pictured in my head as President Snow.  If you watched the last season of Stargate SG-1 you might recognize him...  otherwise maybe not.  Really good actor though... I promise!






So that's my dream cast for The Hunger Games, whose yours?