I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fiction…

New York City is Alive and Well by Stuck in CustomsAlthough I used to read a ton of fiction when I was a little kid, I kind of took a fiction break for quite a few years once I got into 7th grade or so.  Rediscovering my love of fiction has been a fairly recent development in my life as a reader, but I still get the urges to read a really great nonfiction book every now and again.  There are nonfiction books that have stories that are just as captivating as fiction and, as they say, sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction.  Below I’ve listed some newer nonfiction titles that have either just hit the shelves or have come out in the last year.  What do you recommend?

New Non-Fiction Reads for Teens

americapedia bookjacketcan i see your id bookjackethow they croaked bookjacketbig questions bookjacketgaia warriors bookjacket






i see the promised land bookjacketthe war to end all wars bookjacketmoby-duck bookjacketdark game bookjacketjourney into the deep bookjacket






wheels of change bookjacketwhen the world calls bookjacketgeeks shall inherit the earth bookjacketlisted bookjacket






barbie bookjackettom thumb bookjacketsaving cinnamon bookjackethow to be a werewolf bookjacketgeneration us bookjacket





Flickr CC: New York City is Alive and Well Photo by: Stuck in Customs