"I spy with my little eye..."

A couple of weeks ago, I read that production for the next James Bond movie has been halted. That’s just not right! We’re supposed to get a big, blockbuster, special effects-laden Bond film every couple of years!
To get us through this dry spell, I tried to think of some of my favorite spies, counterspies, and ex-spies of the big and small screen.

One spy with nearly as large a following as James Bond is Jason Bourne. (Same initials. Hmmmmm…..) The three movies – The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum – transformed Matt Damon into an action star.

Alfred Hitchcock had great fun with spies and counterspies. Starting with The 39 Steps, one of the first of his “man wrongly accused of a crime and on the run” films, Hitchcock then moved on to movies with a WWII connection -- Foreign Correspondent, Saboteur, and Notorious. Finally the Cold War brought new enemies and more spies in North by Northwest, Torn Curtain, and Topaz.

Of course, in spite of danger at every turn, spies seem to have time for romance. Besides the romancing ladies in the Hitchcock films, Cary Grant also swept Audrey Hepburn off her feet in Charade. And Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to rekindle his marriage when he took wife Jamie Lee Curtis off on a mission in True Lies.

Who are your favorite spies of the big screen? Any older movies you’d like to see remade or updated?

Next up: Spies of the Small Screen.