If You Are Up for a Challenge, You Can Earn Extra Points Toward your Summer Reading Goals

This summer, you have a new way to earn points toward your summer reading goals. Each week, we will offer you a new challenge inspired by the summer's theme, Build a Better World. 

Here's how:
1. Complete a Build a Better World Challenge listed below.
2. Log your reading as you normally would.
3. Click on the Activities button, then Discover and enter the completed challenge to earn 5 more points! Don't forget to use the appropriate hashtag to share your accomplishments with your fellow summer readers!

You can take up one, or all of the challenges. It's up to you. Feel free to jump ahead, or circle back to complete one you might have missed. 

Need a little reading inspiration? For each challenge, we will post a new collection of reading recommendations on OverDrive digital media catalog.

Week 1: Recycle – Reread a favorite book. #recycle
Week 2: If You Build It, They Will Come –
Read a book on a project you have been meaning to tackle, a recipe you have been meaning to try or a skill you have been wanting to master. #fieldofdreams
Week 3: New Construction –
Read a bestseller in a genre you do not normally read. #newconstruction
Week 4: Finishing Touches –
Read a book with pictures. #finishingtouches
Week 5: Blueprints –
Read a book that has been made into a movie you have not seen yet. #blueprints
Week 6: Foundations and Frameworks –
Read the first book in a series. #foundations
Week 7: Wired for Sound –
Listen to an audiobook. #wired
Week 8: Building Blocks –
Read a book of short stories, a poetry collection or a novella. #buildingblocks
Week 9: Historic Preservation & Landmarks
- Read history, whether it be actual history, historical fiction or alternative history. #history

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I'm up for A CHALLENGE...

I'm up for A CHALLENGE... here's to a GOAL being set.... each week, checking off a Build A Better World theme..... To me, these kind of encouraging interactions IS WHAT Summer Reading Programs can be all about. The coming together to enjoy new ways of doing just that...enjoying. THANKS for the encouragement.... now I have some reading to do... ;)

Great! We're glad to hear you

Great! We're glad to hear you are up for it. Later this afternoon, there should be a new collection on OverDrive to go along with this week's challenge: #newconstruction! 

Thanks for your feedback. Keep us posted!