If You Can Read This...

Many years ago, there was a very popular bumper sticker that read, “If you can read this, thank a teacher.”

This is Teacher Appreciation Week.  And it’s fitting that we acknowledge those who spend their professional lives working for the benefit of children, young adults, and even older adults.  I’d be willing to bet that almost everyone has a particularly teacher they remember as a role model or mentor.  My favorite teacher is one from elementary school, though I really liked some in high school and college, too.  I have several family members who have taken on the sometimes tough, more times rewarding career in education.  My admiration for them is boundless.

The entertainment industry has given us numerous movies and television series focusing on teachers.  Sometimes they are the main characters.  Other times they are the ones who mentor or inspire the lead characters.  We see them at their jobs and understand their passion for guiding others on to the next level of education and maturity.  And we see them at home, facing different challenges.  We also see them at their most vulnerable.  And sometimes we witness their all-too-human moments of weakness.

Below is a list of movies and TV series featuring teachers and their students.  Some may remind you of your favorite teachers. 


Blackboard Jungle

The Corn is Green

Coach Carter

Dead Poets Society

Educating Rita

The Emperor’s Club

The English Teacher

Freedom Writers

Good Will Hunting

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

The Great Debaters

Harry Potter films

The History Boys

Lean on Me

The Miracle Worker

Mona Lisa Smile

Mr. Holland’s Opus

Pay It Forward

School of Rock
Stand and Deliver

To Sir, with Love

Wonder Boys

Words and Pictures


TV Series

Doctor Who

Friday Night Lights



Flicker:  CC          : Teacher          Photo by cookbookqueen