If You Liked James Herriot's Books, You Might Like Books By Dr. Nick Trout


I still have found memories of the summer I discovered, All Creatures Great and Small by Dr. James Herriot. I became genuinely charmed by  the day-to-day routine of the small-town veterinarian, and the unforgettable characters in his life, both human and four legged.  

A few years ago, I discovered another gem.  Dr. Nick Trout., is a veterinarian who wrote,  Tell Me Where it Hurts: A Day of Humor, Healing and Hope in My Life as an Animal Surgeon .  I found that this book provided a comparable experience to that which James Harriot shared with so many readers. His new book is Ever By My Side: A Memoir in Eight Acts, Pets.

In Ever By My Side, Nick turns the lens inward to offer a funny, moving, and intimate memoir about how the pets he has had throughout his life have shaped him into the son, husband, father, and doctor he is today. Using his relationships with those beloved animals to tell his life story, Nick shares the profound lessons he’s learned about friendship, loyalty, and resilience. The result is a moving story that speaks not just to animal lovers, but to any reader who appreciates the bonds we have with our loved ones, be they animal or human, and the lengths to which we go to nurture those bonds.

Other Books By Dr. Nick Trout

Great Audio Book! 

Tell Me Where it Hurts: A Day of Humor, Healing and Hope in My Life as an Animal Surgeon by Dr. Nick Trout.

Tell Me Where It Hurts offers a fascinating portrait of the comedy and drama, complexities and rewards involved with loving and healing animals. Part ER, part Dog Whisperer, and part House, this heartfelt and candid book shows that while the technology has changed since James Herriot's day, the humanity and compassion remains unchanged. If you've ever had a pet or special place in your heart for furry friends, Dr. Trout's irresistible book is for you.

Love is the Best Medicine: What Two Dogs Taught One Veterinarian about Hope, Humility, and Everyday Miracles by Dr. Nick Trout.

A book guaranteed to touch anyone who has ever had a beloved pet. This is a  tale of two dogs who forever changed the way he thought about life, death, fate and love. His book underscores the profound bond we have with the animals in our lives and the responsibility he carries as their healer. Certainly Dr. Trout has an impressive array of fancy equipment, training and skills at his disposable, but his most important tool (as he powerfully illustrates here) is a fundamental belief in the power of hope, humility and grace.