If You Liked The 'Thin Man' You Might Enjoy This Book

In A Plate of Red Herrings by Richard Lockridge, the Guardian Magazine has been bought out and Bryan Colley the 'new man' in charge threw a Friday evening attendance mandatory cocktail party for the staff. While the party is going on he calls most of them in one at a time to tell them they have been fired.  Nora Curren, assistant to the Fiction Editor is one of the several who is let go. Not long after returning from a dinner date with  Bernie Simons who is part of the District Attorney's office he gets a call from Lieutenant John Stein tell him Bryan Colley has been murdered at the Guardian.  He wants to know if Bernie would like to set in as they interview the suspects.  When Nora was interviewed she tells exactly what happened.  However, Nora seems to be one of the main suspects as she is the sole caretaker of her younger sister who needs special medical treatment that is very costly.