Inherit a House - find a Skull!

In A Bone to PIck by Charlaine Harris, librarian, Aurora Teagarden  learns  that  one of the librarians she was acquainted with and had great respect for has died and left her a house and quite a bit of money.   When Aurora goes to the house to clean and decide whether to move in or sell the house she finds that is has been broken into and holes have been dug  in the backyard as though someone is looking for something.  As she meets the neighbors she realizes that nearly everyone in the neighborhood has had a similar break-in.  While going through the house she sees that there is a window seat carpeted shut.  That, along with the stories about break-ins and people who have gone missing over the last several years cause Aurora to open the window seat.  She finds a human skull with a hole in the back tucked away in a pillowcase.  Now she must solve the murder to clear her deceased friend before the rest of the body is found and identified.