Inheritance (gasp) It's OUT!

The long awaited final book in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini is out as of Tuesday.  I of course am listening to the book which means I am not quite halfway through the book.  Never fear!  I will complete the book by the end of the weekend, but I though I would give you some incentive to put your name on the mile long wait list.  I am going to try and not spoil you but if you would rather not even have vague ideas, then I would suggest not reading and just order the book. 


(hint: when ordering the print book in the catalog, make sure to order the title Inheritance, or the Vault of Souls.  The audio book is listed just under the main title.)

------------spoiler break------------------------------------------------------------------------



Oh MY! Blood and gore and then some more!  [Blank] is captured!  [Blank] is destroyed! Eragon and Saphira finally learn where the Rock of Kuthian is!  [blank] kind of becomes a jerk out of grief.  Sword fights!  [Blank] and [Blank] get drunk together!  Roran becomes a [Blank] and [Blank] dies!  AND MORE DOCTOR WHO REFERENCES (as well as a possible oblique tip of the hat to The Never Ending Story)!!!!!