Innovation Lab - 3D printing update

We recently found a very practical way to test re:3D's large-format Gigabot 3D printer.  Recognizing that we would need lettering to mark the Lee Innovation Lab in its eventual home on the second floor, we found a font we liked, tweaked it, converted it to the proper format, and let the printer do the rest.  We had to change the filament at some point (which you can see with the yellow), but overall we're pleased with the result, which you can see for yourself at the Gigabot's current home next to the Information Desk upstairs.

We've worked out our policies and have put up a few links regarding 3D printing service, which you can see starting at this link.  We're ironing out our 3D printing orientation information at the moment and intend to have that ready very soon, after which we plan on going live. 

We're getting much closer and will keep you posted as we approach the beginning of this new and fantastic service at Freeman Branch Library!