International Teen Reads

Globe by stevecadmanWhether it takes place in the past or the present, I love to read a great book that takes place outside the United States.  I have always loved to travel and do not get as much of an opportunity to do it these days, but through a great story one can get a glimpse of and learn about another culture.  What great books have you read that take place internationally?

Mer’s International Picks

in the time of butterflies bookjacketthe killer's tears bookjacketbroken memory bookjacketbindi babes






samurai shortstopguardian of the dead bookjacketin the name of godmillion shades of gray bookjacket






santa claus in baghdadthe kite rider bookjacketlong walk to water bookjacketexposure bookjacket






chanda's wars bookjacketspud bookjacketclimbing the stairs bookjacketbeatle meets destiny





Flickr CC: Globe Photo by: stevecadman