Intriguing Book on La Porte History

Spine of book La Porte A Social History, 1832-1952

“There was a picture show started after WWI near Main and Five Points. Mr. I. W. Rust was the manager. He had a Studebaker engine rigged up to a generator to run the electricity. When the engine would fail (which was quite often), they would flash the lights and announce that the same show would be shown the following night at no charge. Everyone would get up and go home and come back the next night.”

This excerpt about an early La Porte movie theater is from a library book: Summer folks ‘n year-round neighbors: the bayshore’s social history, settlement to the 1950s compiled by the La Porte Bay Area Heritage Society. The stories are fascinating, telling about life in La Porte from 1832-1952. Most of the essays are either family stories retold by descendants of settlers in La Porte in the 18th century or first-hand accounts by people who grew up here in the 1900s. Check it out for entertaining reading or for a terrific source for a school paper on local history. You can find the book in our Texana section under call number 976.414 Sum, or ask at the Information Desk for assistance in finding it.