Introducing HCPL eSelect: Our Exclusive New eBook Collection

eselectHarris County Public Library is proud to introduce HCPL eSelect, an exclusive new eBook collection made up of titles purchased directly from independent authors and publishers. The items in this collection are owned and managed by HCPL, so they can be directly checked out from the library’s catalog and are listed in your main library account with any other paper books, DVDs or CDs you borrow.

HCPL’s eBooks are so popular that over 637,000 were checked out last year – about the same circulation as one of the system’s largest physical libraries. Most of us already know about the popularity of eBooks.  What you might not know is that many major publishers won’t sell their eBooks to libraries. By working directly with independent authors and publishers, HCPL is able to expand our collection and increase the variety and value of materials available for library cardholders.

Readers aren’t the only ones benefitting from this new model.  Checking out books from the library encourages people to try new authors and subjects without adversely affecting their wallets.  Librarians will even help guide readers to books suited to their tastes, a benefit appreciated by writers like author Joan Rylen, who had this to say:

“The innovative HCPL eSelect digital library is an amazing tool that connects readers with new authors and old favorites, whether they're self or traditionally published, therefore opening doors that had previously been slammed shut. We're thrilled to have our Getaway Girlz series as part of the launch.”

Jason Aydelotte, Executive Director of Grey Gecko Press, sees the community benefit in eSelect:

“Grey Gecko Press is proud to be able to work closely with our valued partners in the local community, including the Harris County Public Library system. We look forward to providing many more great books for local readers for years to come!”

So, if you’re a digital reader and you want to try a new author, maybe read something local, or need immediate reading gratification at no charge, browse HCPL eSelect.

HCPL eSelect Items:

  • Check in automatically after 14 days and do not accrue fines.
  • Currently do not allow hold requests.
  • Work with Adobe Digital Editions and many free eReader apps.

For further instructions, check the FAQ or ask library staff for assistance.