Introducing Pronunciator, The New Language Learning Tool

We are delighted to announce that we have added Pronunciator, a new language-learning tool to our roster of online resources. Pronunciator features live tutors, movies, music lyrics and more to make learning fun and easy, as well as drills, quizzes, virtual coaching and other features to keep you on track.

Because Pronunciator’s service is so strong, after December 8, 2016, HCPL will no longer offer the Mango Languages database. We are certain that once you give Pronunciator a try, you will see why we made the switch. Here is just some of what Pronunciator has to offer:

• 80 languages with up to 22 months of guided instruction each
• Access to live, teacher-led conversation groups
• Free apps for Apple, Android & Kindle Fire devices so you can learn wherever you go.
• English as a Second Language courses presented in 50 different languages
• Programs specifically designed for early learners, 3-6 years of age, and young learners 7-12 years
• ProCitizen to prepare learners for the U.S. Citizenship test
• Interactive feature films, major label music lyrics, poetry and plays to make learning both fun and entertaining
• 8 week travel courses and video city tours to get you ready to vacation or study abroad
• 8 week healthcare courses designed specifically for frontline professionals to help them communicate with patients
• Interactive grammar textbooks for select languages
• 4,000 downloadable phrasebooks
• Customizable tools for teachers

To learn about everything Pronunciator has to offer: watch this free webinar.


I am looking into a program

I am looking into a program to improve my pronunciation skills ... and it looks pretty awesome. How can I start using this program ? Is there any code provided by the library for me to have access on my mobile or home laptop? Thanks ,

Hello, All you will need is a


All you will need is a Harris County Public Library card. You can stop by any HCPL branch to get a full service card, but if you are a Harris County resident, you can get instant access to Pronunciator with an iKnow card

Good luck!

The Webinar is pretty

The Webinar is pretty impressive.

We agree! We have gotten a

We agree! We have gotten a lot of very positive feedback about Pronunciator. We hope you give it a try.

Three of us are wanting to

Three of us are wanting to learn Getman. Is there some sort of program available through the library for online usage. I see Pronunciator has been discontinued. Will welcome an email reply June

The Texas State Library and

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission is currently searching for a replacement for Pronunciator. We do not have a reliable estimate for when one will be made available. In the meantime, we do have some German-language learning materials in our collection, some of which are in digital formats and available for download on desktop or mobile devices.

I hope this helps. When we have a replacement for Pronunciator, I will be sure to announce it on the website, so keep an eye peeled for that. 


Thank you for reaching out to us.